CFL 250W

Apollo Horticulture 250 Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb System for Plant Growing

CFLs will save you money. They last up to 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs and use 1/3rd of the electricity. By using 75 percent less energy than a regular bulb, CFLs require less wattage to produce an equivalent amount of light.

CFL bulbs can be applied anywhere and are cheap and easy to start. They require no ballast and produce stealth results for growing herbs and plants in a tiny space. Dimmable CFLs are also available with switch options to control settings.

CFL Lights produce high quality buds, as the plant is fed hydroponically. The light system reduces many problems associated with an indoor soil grow. Because of their efficiency and innovation, CFLs do not use as much electricity or produce as much heat as other bulbs, making it one of the most desirable bulbs in the growing community.

CFL bulbs exude a warm and inviting light, opposed to the "white light" of older fluorescent bulbs. They also do not flicker or hum, and use rare Earth phosphors for excellent color and warmth.

Disclaimer -
Apollo Horticulture products are for professional use and are to be used in a green house environment with proper ventilation only. Use of our products in any other environment such as apartments, community housing, or small enclosed spaces is not recommended and may create a potential fire hazard. By purchasing our products, you agree to the recommended use and release all liability of Apollo Horticulture and respective agents for any misuse of the products.